DCC-2600 Brew Central model 14-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker with Glass Carafe

DCC-2600 Brew Central model 14-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker with Glass Carafe


It is quite common that any homemaker would like to have a programmable Coffeemaker that should be both reliable and convenient to use. If you are one among them and have plans to buy a new Coffeemaker, you have to consider three things, such as it should meet your consumption requirements, it should offer hot and yummy coffee, and it should be easy to use. Of course, any programmable Coffeemaker will afford you, the comfort of your leisure in preparing coffee with reliable quality. One such Coffeemaker that fulfills all three vital factors is the DCC-2600 model Programmable Coffeemaker. This is a product of Cuisinart, which comes with a Glass Carafe and can offer you 14 cups of strong, hot, and delicious coffee. What is the specialty of this appliance? Well, to know this, read this review further.

Features of the Coffeemaker

Stainless steel housing: The major beneficial feature of the DCC-2600 model Coffeemaker is that it comes with a stainless steel layout that not only offers the machine a long-lasting life, but it makes it blend easily with the surroundings and will assist you in maintaining the machine easily, as well.

Carafe temperature: According to the manufacturer’s claim, this Coffeemaker brews coffee at a carafe temperature 190 F, which is a bonus for the price you pay for it when compared to that of entry-level machines.

Programmable button: The DCC-2600 Brew Central model Coffeemaker comes with complete programmability features, such as automatic on and off feature, meaning with a preset time the machine will automatically go to off condition. It also comes equipped with three types of heat setting keys, such as low, medium, and high. If you would like to have black coffee, you can use the low heat option. If you want to add milk to your coffee, you get your preferred coffee by using the medium heat option. In the same way, you will get the creamed coffee by using the high heat setting.

User-friendly: This strong, easy-to-use Coffeemaker from Cuisinart comes with two strength control options, such as bold and regular, a heating plate, a stable gold tone coffee filter, brew pause, glass carafe and a charcoal water filter. It also comes with a temperature modification feature to offer you a range of coffee inclinations. The double-layered 14-cup, ergonomic glass carafe keeps coffee fresh and hot for a longer period when compared to other standard Coffeemakers. All these features make the coffee machine a more user-friendly when compared to other standard machines.

Control panel: The control panel of this Cuisinart Coffeemaker is easy to use and it is also sufficiently big, which is perfectly programmed with necessary keys and switches to offer you a fine and comfortable coffee preparing experience.

Brew pause: The DCC-2600 Brew Central model Coffeemaker is designed with a helpful brew pause feature that allows you to stop the brewing process for 60 seconds if you want to add some coffee during the process of making a bigger jar of coffee.

Finger touch: This Cuisinart Coffeemaker comes with more solid and firmer, yet soft touch buttons and knobs, which are better than the fragile, shaky controls of other analogous Coffeemakers.

Performance: The DCC-2600 Brew Central model Coffeemaker from Cuisinart offers better performance than other similar machines available on the market. The 24-hour timer, brew potency selector, 14-cup ergonomic glass carafe, etc., all make this machine offer higher performance than that of other machines.

Above all, this coffee making machine comes with the manufacturer’s warranty of three years.


Technical Specifications

  1. This product comes with the dimensions of 11.0 x 16.5 x 9.8 inches.
  2. It weighs only 6.72 lbs (4.2 kg).
  3. It can be operated through the domestic power supply.

Pros of the machine

Immense construction.

Suitable for a huge gathering, as it brews a maximum of 14 cups of coffee at a time.

It comes with a bigger showerhead that assists greatly in saturating proper coffee.

Changeable temperature hotplate.

Easy to clean and maintain, as it comes with a self-cleaning feature.

It comes with a washable filter.

Brews a delicious and hot cup of coffee


Cons of the Coffeemaker

v Takes more brewing time when compared to other machines.

v Incapable to stop the brewing noise.

v To maintain coffee smell and flavor, the charcoal filter has to be changed frequently.

v Sometimes, tricky to add water to the pot.

Who should buy this coffee maker?

The DCC-2600 Brew Central model programmable Coffeemaker from Cuisinart is ideal for those who are on diverse schedules with coffee maintained in fresh and hot condition for hours at a time guaranteeing minimum wastage.

Final verdict

The DCC-2600 model programmable Coffeemaker from Cuisinart is an attractive appliance to consider, as it features smooth contours, an attractive black pronunciation trim, and a polished stainless steel finish. It resembles a charming, innovative, coffee-preparing robot. A better use of unhelpful space, attractive geometry, and apparent separations of design parts, all contribute to the artistic attraction of this coffee brewer. The charming design, which is combined with a distinctive personality, is certain to look immense in your home kitchen. Moreover, as the pros outweigh the cons, this Coffeemaker is a highly recommended product.

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